Horny Mommies

Horny Mommies.

They're everywhere; that sexy mom you find at the street corner with her kids, do you know what she does behind closed doors? What about that curvy soccer mom you in your neighborhood - ever wondered what her deepest, darkest fantasies are?

I started creating incest captions, mostly mom-son incest, several years ago after realizing that there is very little such content at that time. I did it by using the screen name Terigo.

It was mostly to satisfy my own fantasies, and to share them with like-minded people everywhere. Then after about a year, I started creating a fictional incest magazine called "Mommies Magazine" - which is basically only a magazine cover (I've seen them re-posted here, couldn't be prouder); but I did get one full issue published ;-)

So after two years of not having published any captions, here I am back in the play!

Most of the posts here would be new; but for those of you interested in my original works, just ask!

Feel free to ask me anything; and please feel free to submit photos of yourself (or anyone) if you would like me to caption it for you (or even just to have it posted here).

And yes, in case you are still wondering, this is another dirty, kinky, lust-filled, horny incest blogs and it is NSFW.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Where's you go?
hornymommies hornymommies Said:

Still around :-)

Horny Mommies is still under maintenance; once completed it will have a new layout and proper categories, etc. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the four recent posts below.

Feel free to drop me Asks or submissions if you would like to.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Are you a mom
hornymommies hornymommies Said:

No. I’m male.

Asker serg93 Asks:
Where can I see the published magazine of yours?
hornymommies hornymommies Said:

People have asked if I do caption requests. The answer is YES.

If you want me to caption something, send me the link or submit the picture. I will post the caption here on Horny Mommies; however, if you want a private caption, make sure you don’t submit anonymously.

Tell me your mom/son fantasy and I’ll create a caption for you based on that.

As this blog is still under maintenance, I’m taking the time to respond to all the asks and submissions; including caption requests.

Stay tuned and thank you for following.

- Terigo.